Brent Bregar - Bio

Brent has been playing music for over 30 years.  The last 4 years he has been a solo singer-songwriter act in the Columbiana, OH area performing both covers and his own original material.  Brent's major musical influences are diverse.  They include Jason Isbell, The Doors, The Allman Brothers, Jimmy Buffett, CCR and The Grateful Dead.

Brent's music spans many genre's.  The songs cover rock, country, blues and alternative.   His music covers styles of the 50's through today.

Brent resides in Columbiana, OH with his children.  Brent plays at many of the community events in the area along with restaurants, breweries and wineries in between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH.

Brent released his album "North Of Heaven" in December of 2020.  The album was mostly written during the pandemic.  His next album, "South Of Chaos" was released in May of 2021.  Plans for the "East" and "West" Albums are in the works.

The plan is to release the 4 albums over the next year in a half.  When complete, the best songs from each will be recorded with friends for a live album.

Brent is the technologist for an Automation and Robotics firm located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Easter Eggs

Brent Bregar

From time to time, I am working on new music, and if I I want to share it with others or even have it quickly available to test on different speakers, I will put it here.

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